We're growing...and growing...

Since 2012, our nationally accredited and "small but mighty" children's museum has experienced A LOT of growth!

  • More friends and visitors - Admissions +48%, walk ins +40%, memberships +58%, retail store +55%, and tourism +40%
  • Early Explorations Preschool is awesome - Award-winning and at capacity
  • Full STEAM ahead - Stay & Play, camps, and Title 1 School field trips at capacity

So, it's time to have a GREAT EXPANSION! We're in a capital campaign to complete our upper level, refresh current exhibits, bring in new exhibits, and expand our programs--including our award-winning preschool. 

Our goal is to raise $2,000,000 before the end of 2018--let's make it earlier! Please visit our site to see our complete plans, but here's a snapshot: 

  • 1st Floor ($250,000 est cost) - Renovation of current museum, additional exhibit space, transform first floor into open floor plan
  • 2nd Floor ($1,700,000 est cost) - New mezzanine, new Great Rooms, expansion of Early Explorations Preschool
  • Contingency fund ($50,000 est cost) - We do our best to control costs, but, may need a bit more if the pennies round the other way 

As a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit, your support means everything to us. The Great Expansion capital campaign aims to enhance your children’s museum with more fun, better play and a bigger impact for generations to come! 

Together, with your help, we can give even more children and their families, our partners and friends, and our community a better place to grow. Will you help make Great Explorations...EVEN GREATER? 

Thank you for your support!

Scott Wagman, Capital Chair

Angeline Howell, CEO 


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